Friday, September 11, 2009

Heteropoda Davidbowie

Busy with school, but came across this today. FANTASTIC!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I found out today one of my favourite drinks means rabbit in an old tongue from native americans. Lovely!


100km Diet

Yea yea yea, I'm a little green hipster... I don't care. I feel bad for most people who are oblivious and think it's pointless. Thankfully there is a place in the market where I live that only gets produce within a 100km radius of Toronto. GO TORONTO! :)

Love you planet. Hate you (most) humans!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some new things

Bonjour tout la monde!

So I have been graciously given a gift that I was ecstatic to receive last night. The gift was a set of Nicholas di Genova postcards. I can't wait to put them up in my room! Gonna be amazing! Here are a few

You can see more of Nicholas's work here.




And the Geography Award goes to... lol
This was done completely from memory, I haven't checked it yet, but I was proud lol


And a new lino. I think he's an albatross or some sort of sea faring gull


Sunday, August 16, 2009


I am so frustrated with the news on Life of Pi... I haven't looked at the IMBD page for a while, and I just did and found out that Jean-Pierre Jeunet gave up the job due to budget issues. Now Ang Lee is directing it... Not so pleased. I haven't seen much of his stuff, but it's just that Jeunet's directing vision is flawless. Those who have seen Amélie know what I mean. A coworker also just recently gave me a couple of his other movies (Delicatessen et La Cité des Enfants Perdus) which I can't wait to watch to see more of his work! It is still a sad loss that Jean-Pierre isn't directing it anymore :(


Monday, August 10, 2009

Une Grenouille

I think I found my favourite medium.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

No where to go but down

A whale shark print.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mon Éléphant

Love animals too much it's getting obsessive!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some more animaux

I like drawing animals too much!

Did more giraffes in my sketchbook

Along with some killer whales

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Some more brownie love! This is my third roll, black and white iso 400. Not too pleased with the contrast, nor the exposures. I think I am going to stick to the iso 100 colour. I am working on a 400 colour roll now, with the aperture attachment. Should be done that soon!

This is a picture of the city from a place I love to visit called Humber Bay Park

This is my dopey dog Brody

This is my lovely dog Dutch, he won't be here after tomorrow :(

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A giraffe

I was bored at work today with all the rain that kept our traffic at a low. So I drew this. A mosaic of a mosaic.


Friday, July 24, 2009

New Ink

So a couple days ago I got my second tattoo... But you could say it's my third since my first tattoo was two separate tattoos. One could also say that now, I have 25 tattoos, but you'll see what I mean once you see the tattoo.

I choose ITC American Typeface because it then made my skin essentially paper, almost branded by typewriter letter heads. After putting together the composite of them all sort of mosaic, it really makes it that much cooler. I love it.

p.s. the reason "i" and "u" and the "d" is duplicated once is because those letters are in harder to reach places being on my back and behind my ear.






Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Guns of Brixton and other things.

Just some instant feeding through my music choice last night. The Guns of Brixton cover by Nouvelle Vague.

The Guns of Brixton

I also haven't posted any sketchbook updates in a while. Been drawing a fair bit at work when it's quiet.

I am also dropping off my latest roll of brownie hawkeye film today so I'm excited to see those.

I have come up with an attachment to modify my brownie hawkeye. Since the black and white film I get which I sometimes like is 400 speed. I made an aperture attachment to make the aperture smaller. So now with the next film I'm going to take double the pictures one with and one without. I will show the two differences (if it works) fingers crossed! For now enjoy the sketches!

If every letter in the alphabet had a colour associated with it.

"All humans fail to see past the layers all humans hide under"

Just some triangles

Dog plaque

Page fill of things

Monday, July 20, 2009

Brownie more.

So since I now hate Henry's to a different degree, (since they never called me when my prints had arrived) these pictures have arrived well over a month late. HATE! lol

Regardless, I love the pictures. I was a little hesitant on using colour because I've seen some other brownie hawkeye colour film and it looked well too finished and new. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I got these.

See for yourself, all I can say is that so far it epitomizes summer for me.

Taya painting for her upcoming (now done) art show at the Whippersnapper.
Brownie Colour

Brownie Colour

Brownie Colour

Brownie Colour
Some nice double exposure Taya being all trendy outside her store ;) haha

Brownie Colour
Sash doing the same thing outside her store haha

Brownie Colour
A nice sunny afternoon, strolling through Kensington Market.

Brownie Colour
Another beautiful view from my window.

Brownie Colour
Accident, but cool accident haha

Brownie Colour
One of my favourite places in the city, High Park. So nice there.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Big Apple

I'd love to say I've been doing a lot of work this summer, but that's not the case. Instead I went to NYC for my birthday haha. Really enjoyed myself, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I didn't really take my camera out when I was just wandering the city, but one day I did take it out, I made it work.


This is the greatest building in the world. Say hello to the Seagram Building... So perfect!

Seagram Building

Seagram Building

Seagram Building

Then I went to the MoMA... Loved it there.

Henry Darger:

Darger - At Jennie Richee.

Darger - At Jennie Richee.


Darger detail

Darger detail

Some cool performance installation!

Performance installation

Performance installation

Performance installation

Performance installation

Some Toulouse-Lautrec

La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge
Toulouse-Lautrec - La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge

Henri Rousseau - The Dream
Rousseau - The Dream

Joseph Beuys - Earth Telephone
Joseph Beuys - Earth Telephone

Dan Flavin - Monument for V Tatlin
Flavin - Monument for V Tatlin

Clyfford Still - 1944-No. 2
Still - 1944-no.2

Mark Rothko - No. 16
Rothko - No. 16

No. 3/No. 13
Rothko - No. 3/No. 13

No. 10
Rothko - No. 10

Man Ray - Indestructible Object
Ray - Indestructible Object

Frank Lloyd Wright - Falling Water
Lloyd Wright - Falling Water

Josef Müller-Brockmann - Musica Viva 1959
Müller-Brockmann - Musica Viva Rosbaud 1959

Weniger Lärm
Müller-Brockmann - Weniger Larm

Stephan Sagmeister - Neenah Paper Poster
Sagmeister - Neenah Paper Poster

Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night
van Gogh - Starry Night

Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

Constantin Brancusi - Untitled (La Colonne Sans Fin)
Untilted (La Colonne sans Fin)

Mlle Pogany ver. I
Brancusi - Mlle Pogany ver. I

Francis Picabia - M'Amenez-Y
Picabia - M'Amenez-Y

Marcel Duchamp - Bicycle Wheel (the only piece of his I like)
Duchamp - Bicycle Wheel

Three favourites! Kasimir Malevich - White on White
Malevich - White on White

Suprematist Painting
Malevich - Suprematist Painting

Airplane Flying
Malevich - Airplane Flying

And what the hell, yea I looked like a first time flyer, but it was worth it because clouds are so fucking beautiful!