Saturday, February 28, 2009

Genius and lover

To begin today's post. I have to commend a favourite artist of mine. Musical artist that is, but also their choice in video for their new single is what I'm talking about.

Röyksopp's most recent single titled "Happy Up Here" is amazing sounding. Reverting slightly to their debut album "Melody A.M." but with more upbeat and light beats. Really brings me back to when I started listening to them. I thought I would share the new video and promote them as much as I can. Also the director, Reuben Sutherland is a genius with the space invaders theme and even just the intro to the entire video, with the fast paced cuts, just amazingly done. I cannot speak any less about this video. So now just enjoy it!

Also to note, I have been a busy bee lately working on some stuff for class. These two pieces were for my ad concept class about HIV/AIDS education and safety in schools. I chose out of the three (abstinence, safer sex and global awareness) abstinence and safer sex as seen in the two posters below. I'm going to try and get some more personal work up on here, it's more free minded that way but for now school rules.

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  1. AMAZING such a magnificent video! I really need to get back into Röyksopp