Monday, June 1, 2009

Adobe Design Suite Redesign

So I hated the new CS4 icons... the only thing I liked about them was the transparency of the type, but I hate the dark font. Here is my redesign of them. I'm a minimalist at heart for sure, so here they are!

Back in action.

So it's been a busy the past couple weeks or so. My computer officially crapped out on me the other day and had to be sent in to the apple store. Luckily it was covered by Nvidia because they had some defective packaging on their video cards. Oh well! Toulouse is all good and well now so I can get back to blogging!

So to begin I'll have to put up some of the drawings I have been doing lately. Been out of the mindset of an advertiser and more so into drawing lately. I should get some out, at the very least a few ads out and produced. But for now I am just going to show how amazing one of my roommates is.

Sasha works at a vintage store in Kensington and her boss got this really awesome flag for whatever reason and Sasha, once when she realized what it was called me up and told me I HAD to come by the store immediately. So I headed over. To my absolute euphoric delight Sasha spreads out a giant white on black flag of none other than DURAN DURAN! haha With many many pins attached from other 80s gods, such as: Tears for Fears, Simon le Bon, and some others who I don't know. So here it is up in my room!