Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Guns of Brixton and other things.

Just some instant feeding through my music choice last night. The Guns of Brixton cover by Nouvelle Vague.

The Guns of Brixton

I also haven't posted any sketchbook updates in a while. Been drawing a fair bit at work when it's quiet.

I am also dropping off my latest roll of brownie hawkeye film today so I'm excited to see those.

I have come up with an attachment to modify my brownie hawkeye. Since the black and white film I get which I sometimes like is 400 speed. I made an aperture attachment to make the aperture smaller. So now with the next film I'm going to take double the pictures one with and one without. I will show the two differences (if it works) fingers crossed! For now enjoy the sketches!

If every letter in the alphabet had a colour associated with it.

"All humans fail to see past the layers all humans hide under"

Just some triangles

Dog plaque

Page fill of things

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